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K-9 units are vital to the safety of our communities.

The K-9 officer offers the community many safety benefits.  Some of those benefits include patrolling our streets, keeping our schools safe, sniffing for bombs and narcotics, chasing and apprehending perpetrators and more.

In addition to raising funds for police k-9’s and protective k-9 vests, the MECA Foundation also assists in fundraising for police k-9 units.

Police K-9 Units need a variety of equipment and supplies to complete the department.  Once the k-9 is purchased, the K-9 will need training, a k-9 vehicle equipped with a heat monitoring system, a protective vest and other miscellaneous items.  These days many police departments cannot afford a K-9 Unit nor the funding they need to maintain a K-9 unit.

With your help, we can help our Wisconsin police departments afford and maintain a K-9 Unit which will keep our communities safe.

Earmark your Gift

If you would like to make a donation to help with the miscellaneous needs of a police K-9 Unit,  click the donation button below.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  And, as always, your donation is fully tax deductible.

Police Vehicles Equipped with Heat Monitoring Systems Could Help Save the Lives of Police Dogs.

It seems that with every hot summer, comes the death of too many K-9 Police Officers.  Just this last year 11 police dogs died from heat exhaustion with 9 of those deaths caused by the K-9 being left in a hot patrol car.  We can stop these unnecessary deaths by helping our police K-9 units purchase heat monitoring equipment for their patrol cars.  These heat monitoring systems sound an alarm when the car gets to hot and pops open the door so the dog can jump out.

11 Police Dogs Have Died of Heat Exhaustion This Past Summer; 9 Were Left in Hot Patrol Cars

(courtesy of

Here’s an excerpt from – “Police dogs are dying of heat exhaustion at a horrific rate this summer, and a majority of those deaths have come when they were locked in hot squad cars for hours.

Since the last week of May, 11 K-9 unit dogs have died from the heat, and nine of those cases stemmed from dogs left in hot police cars. The latest tragedy struck last Wednesday in Kohler, Wisconsin, when a police dog named Wix died in a squad car as his handler worked at the PGA Championship. According to ABC News, the deputy left the air conditioner on in the squad car, but when the unit failed, Wix was trapped inside a vehicle that reached dangerously high temperatures. In fact, several of the incidents where police dogs died in hot cars this year have been blamed on faulty air conditioners.  For the entire story go here.


K9 HOT-N-POP® PRO is by far the most sophisticated combination K9 Door Opening and K9 Temperature Information System™ ever. K9 HOT-N-POP® PRO has Dual Temperature Sensors, Engine Stall Monitor™ and Vehicle Battery Sentinel™. The K9 DOOR POPPER® has our microprocessor controlled Fast Pop™ System. With the press of just one button on the Remote Control, the door is unlocked, unlatched and Popped Open.

When purchasing a police K-9, the cost may or may not include training the K-9. Training a Police K-9 may incur an  additional expense.