Glendale Wisconsin Police K-9 Officer Boomer is Retiring.

Help Us Help Glendale Acquire Their New Police Dog!

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Did you know that most police dogs are purchased by individual donations? Many of these police K-9 that risk their lives every day to protect yours are not funded by the municipality they serve.  That’s right. Most police department K-9 units are entirely paid for by donations.

Some of these K-9 units struggle just to get started not to mention that every time a police dog retires or is killed in the line of duty, the fundraising begins all over again.

That’s where the MECA Foundation comes in.

When Dr. Lichtenberger founded the MECA Foundation, her primary goal was to make sure every police dog had the same protection their human partners have.  While learning that these life-saving vests are funded solely by donations, Dr. Lichtenberger decided to take action by raising awareness for the plight of the unprotected police K-9.

After several meetings with police K-9 units and speaking with many police departments, Dr. Lichtenberger was informed that in addition to police dogs needing protective vests, the K-9 units need considerable help with raising funds for new police dogs.

The 2018 MECA Vest A K-9 Fest’s goal is to raise enough funds to purchase two police dogs and at least (5) Life-Saving Protective K-9 Vests. The average cost for a police dog is $14K – $20K while the vests cost approximately $1000 each.

The funds for one of the new police dogs will go to help purchase Glendale’s new dog while the other funds will go toward a K-9 unit in need.

Thank you for your service

K-9 Officer Boomer

Glendale’s Police K-9 Boomer will be retiring soon. Boomer’s partner is officer Eric Guse. See officer Guse’s touching video about his friend, his family member and his police K-9 partner Boomer.

This year’s MECA Vest a K-9 Fest is sponsored by: